All in One Voice

Label: EastWest Records
Release Date: December 28, 1998
1. Heaven
2. Like an Ocean
3. Soon Will Be Too Late
4. You Always Saw the Blue Skies
5. We Can Start Here
6. Angel of the Morning
7. The Reason Why
8. Return to Blue
9. You're Breaking My Heart Again
10. I Put a Spell on You
11. I'll Never Let You Down
12. The Rose
13. He's the King
14. Silent Night
About New Album

All in One Voice is Bonnie’s twelfth studio album. It was recorded at Full Moon, Westland and Park House Studios in Dublin, Ireland with Jimmy Smyth, and at Red Deer Studios in Germany with Harold Faltermeyer. “The Reason Why” was recorded at Boogie Park Studios in Hamburg with Graham Laybourne, and “I Put a Spell on You” was originally recorded for Mike Batt’s album Philharmania at Abbey Road Studios in London.


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