Bonnie Tyler Interested in Releasing Rocks and Honey in America with Two New Songs

In a recent interview with Kiss FM, Bonnie spoke to Owen Gee about her current projects. Enthused about her latest recordings with John Carter Cash, Bonnie remarked “Rocks and Honey was never released in the States – we could put those two songs on Rocks and Honey and maybe get it released.”

During the interview, she also expressed interest in mixing up her set list to include other songs from her back catalogue. “I might do a few different medleys from different albums. That’s the idea at the moment, just a snatch of a few songs from each album. We’re working on it.”

Of her new album, Bonnie suggested that it might be released in 2018. “The songwriter is Kevin Dunn, who used to be my bass player in my very first band in the late 60s, early 70s.” She explained that he is the primary songwriter on her new album. “All of a sudden he’s come into his own, they sound fantastic!”

After Bonnie released Rocks and Honey in 2013, she admitted in an interview with Kiss FM that she wanted to stop making albums, but that Kevin’s new music has changed her perspective. “I was motivated by these new songs. I’m not going to stop.”

Listen back to the entire interview:

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  • ВВ Калугин,
    Reply 9 December 2017 8:58 PM

    Right, dear Maestro, Bonnie! Do not stop there. We believe in the power of Your talent! Yes keep You, Your heavenly older sisters!

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