New Bonnie Tyler album: everything we know so far

Bonnie Tyler recorded her latest album Rocks and Honey at the Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee with producer David Huff. It was released in early 2013, and throughout the year she enthused about the many more songs she wasn’t able to record, but had been shelved for the next album.

In October 2016, Bonnie Tyler confirmed in an interview with Berliner Morgenpost that she was travelling to Nashville before Christmas to record some new music with John Carter Cash. When will it be released? What will the songs sound like? Is the album finished? Here are all the answers we can give you for the moment…

When will the new Bonnie Tyler album be released?

It was originally expected that the whole album would be finished by September 2017. In an interview with Welsh Connections last autumn, musician and friend of Bonnie, Tony “Plum” Howells explained that Bonnie was due to fly out to Nashville in December 2016 to begin recording. He guessed they would continue recording in February 2017, with the expectation that the whole project would be finished before the year is out. Bonnie later explained to Chris Needs that the album will be taking longer than expected as she needs to fit in some time to rest between her tour dates.

In April 2017, Bonnie explained that she was waiting to receive the mixes of the songs that she has already recorded, and that if she was happy with them, she’ll continue with the project.

Bonnie gave out more details during her recent press conference in Cancún, Mexico. “It’s a slow process because I’m so busy touring. There’s not much time for the recording, but that’s okay.” She guessed that it would be released at some point in 2018. Apparently happy with the mixes that she’s heard so far, Bonnie told The Sun that she will be returning to Nashville on August 14th to continue recording. These plans were later cancelled due to a clash with her performance at the Batroun International Festival in Lebanon on August 18th.

In October 2017, Bonnie told Kiss FM that she was interested in releasing Rocks and Honey in the United States, with two new tracks included as bonus tracks. There’s no news on this yet. She said that the new songs from this upcoming album will “definitely” appear in her set list in the future. “I’m talking about releasing albums, I’m not expecting to sell many of them, but I would love to do new material in my shows.”

What will it sound like?

The songs for this new album have been written by Kevin Dunn, who Bonnie’s fans will recognise as the bass player on her second and third albums Natural Force and Diamond Cut. Bonnie described the songs as “country flavoured, more like country rock”. These songs are not linked in any way to the previous music she recorded with David Huff in 2012. In October 2017, during an interview with Kiss FM Bonnie explained that Kevin never identified as a songwriter, but that he has been hit with a sudden surge of inspiration: “All of a sudden he’s come into his own, the songs are fantastic! I will be doing a lot more of his songs as well.”

How many songs have been recorded so far?

There’s a bit of debate about this. In December 2016, Bonnie’s manager said that they had completed three songs, but in October 2017 Bonnie stated that there are only two songs. Either she’s forgotten the third song, or it’s been ditched.

Will she be releasing a new single?

We’ll have no news on this until the album is finished, but Tony has already said that he thinks there are a few “exceptional numbers,” and that one of them “has got to be a chart-topper.”

What’s the album called?

No news on that yet. We will be tweeting about it with the hash tag #BT17

Who has she been working with?

John Carter Cash is producing the album. His most recent production credits include Loretta Lynn’s latest albums White Christmas Blue and Full Circle.

Ira Dean, ex-member of Trick Pony (who had a hit with their cover of It’s a Heartache in 2005), is playing bass guitar on the record.

According to Instagram, Derrek C Phillips is playing drums on the record. His post is captioned: “Bonnie Tyler sounds just as amazing as she did in the 80s. Looking over and seeing her slay in the vocal booth messed me up today.” His post also lists keys player Tony Harrell, and guitarists Chris Scruggs and Chris Leuzinger.

Where will Bonnie be releasing the album?

Given Tony’s comments about Bonnie’s track record on the UK charts, we expect this album will be heavily marketed in Britain. It is also expected that this record, like all previous albums, will be released in Europe. We also hope that it will be possible to release the album in America, especially South America. According to Spotify analytics, she is extremely popular in Brazil and Chile. We would hope that Bonnie’s management capitalise on this, as her VEVO channel on YouTube is bursting at the seams with South American fans.


Bonnie’s manager shared a series of behind-the-scenes photos with the following statement in December 2016: “Some pictures of our sessions at Cash Cabin, so far it’s been an amazing trip and we’ve not finished yet. These songs are going to sound fabulous.”


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