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I first opened a Bonnie Tyler fan site in 2010 with a free subscription to Moonfruit, a website building service based in the UK. It was originally intended as an online archive of Bonnie’s rare recordings, featuring a library of interviews and audio samples. It was called “Bonnie Tyler – Collecting the Story”… how cheesy! I then rebranded with a new title ‘Bonnie Tyler Fan Community’ (the old Facebook page is still available). The web link to the old site is also still active, but its contents are long gone.

In 2015, I decided to upgrade to a premium website with a .com domain name, and the latest professional WordPress theme we have installed is the wonderfully sleek Shuffle theme from Edge-Themes. In the early years I wanted to operate under a unique and clever name, but in the end I found ‘Bonnie Tyler Fans’ was the best way forward. It’s simple, clear and effective.

The hosting service I have subscribed to is Bluehost, a fantastic company that was recommended to me by a friend. Their high quality service has helped transform this fan site, and the audience is continually growing. I’m hoping to continue this fan site for years to come.

There’s nothing worse than when a website succumbs to advertising in order to help cover costs. While Bluehost and Edge-Themes have been brilliant to work with, they’re also quite expensive and sometimes it’s tricky to cover maintenance costs. A small donation will go a long way to keep this website clear of ads. For clarity, here’s a breakdown of our outgoings so that you know what your donation will be used for:

Hosting: £144.56 per year
Web hosting gives us storage space, and allows the website to exist online. It’s like paying rent to allow your website to appear on the internet.

Domain Renewal: £12.36 per year
Each year we renew at a small cost.

WordPress Theme Support: £40.00 per year
Shuffle is a relatively new WordPress theme, and so we renew our subscription to Edge-Themes’ support service in case we ever need help with some of the design and technical aspects of the website.


Over the years I’ve had a few helpers, but I’m flying solo at the moment and the maintenance of this website and all the associated social media pages demands a lot of time. Don’t worry if you’re not able to contribute financially, a Facebook like is always appreciated!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Thanks for all the support!
Liam Brigg